Annie Sloan Wall Paint Review (+ Beginner Friendly Wall Painting Guide)

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Annie Sloan Wall Paint and Wall Paint Brush review

The second best part about staying at my parents in Finland is their house. (The best best part is, obviously, spending time with family.)

Mom and Dad’s house is HUGE. As in, the place is massive. As in, you can lose someone in it and so we regularly use our smartphones to find each other. As in, there’s always a cool project to dig your teeth into. (Skolbacka used to be a schoolhouse, how cool is that?)

Because I move a lot and rent I’ve never bothered painting walls. So at Mom and Dad’s I jumped on the opportunity to try wall painting.

That’s right. This is the first time I’ve ever painted a wall and it’s the first time I’ve ever used Annie Sloan Wall Paint. Let the experiment commence!

5 Things That Helped Me Get Unstuck and Back on Track

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Disclosure | Some items featured c/o Barker and Stonehouse

Once upon a time, I thought burnout was something people made up as an excuse.

Then it happened to me. Twice. Both times a combination of work that didn’t fuel my spirit, lack of exercise, too many restaurant meals, and plenty more bad habits spiralled into months of no real creating. Instead of doing things I might have wanted to do or craved doing, I did what I “should”.

Here are some things that have helped me heal and thrive after burnout. I’m very much an introverted person so for me, getting the right mindset is all about what I’m thinking about and my personal home space. Getting over burnout is all about letting yourself truly relax & unwind.

Where I Craft

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My craft room | Crafting Fingers

I’ll be completely honest. It took four months in this house for me to get my craft room organised.

First, my desk sat on the back wall. That wasted too much space throughout the rest of the room and was a bit dark. Then when my desk was by the window, there wasn’t any wifi signal. And the impractical period of 4PM to 8PM all summer was too bright for me to see the screen.

I felt a bit like Goldilocks. Too much space. Too dark. Too bright. Too little wifi.

Now the room is perfect. And I love having my blue bureau centred in the back.

June’s Craft + Room for Improvement

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June’s craft of the month is macramé.

It’s a craft that was popular in the 70’s, and makes most of us think of plant hangers and bracelets. I was inspired to learn macramé this month after seeing Sally England’s designs. (This macramé room divider is my favourite piece.)

If you’re not familiar with macrame, it’s a textile craft that involves knotting threads together. Plant hangers are the most common idea, but browse the macrame goodies on Etsy to get an idea of its versatility.

Room for improvement

In the three months we’ve lived in Crickhowell I’ve had a boatload of ideas for home decor. I love making things for the house (versus for myself to wear) so Sally England’s designs really hit a button for me. Airy curtains and lamp shades sound perfect and just a tad rustic.


Since we’ve moved in, I’ve focused on one room each month to put together. This month I’m working on our WC, with a £50 budget from Room for Improvement. I bought a new toilet seat, a pedestal mat, and a few bobs to bring everything together.

This is our downstairs toilet, and it catches the sun all day. I wanted to add some more white to take advantage of the light, and the chrome helps reflect everything too. Isn’t it crazy how big of a difference a new toilet seat can make?