DIY Box bottom tote with hidden seams

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DIY box bottom tote with hidden seams

Sewing is one of my favourite crafts.

It’s also the most frustrating.

When I saw the fabric choices for the Hillarys Craft Competition, I knew I had to get my hands on the Rayna Apple pattern. Problem is, I’m a novice. And directional, bold patterns can be pretty intimidating to sew with.

After a few failed ideas, I decided to keep it simple and make a tote. Pretty and practical—my favourite kind of DIY. Good thing is, the Rayna Apple fabric makes even this simple tote look sophisticated. I think I’ve gotten over my fear of using bold patterns!

If you’ve followed my lined tote bag tutorial, this tote is exactly the same except for two key differences:

10 Lessons On Creativity

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10 things I learnt about creativity at #Blogtacular 2015

I’ve always loved to make.

But when you’re chasing your passions and trying to use creativity to fuel your lifestyle, it gets hard. Things don’t feel carefree anymore.

Even attending Blogtacular felt like making a statement. “Hello world, I’m a blogger!” Who am I to share my ideas? What if everyone thinks I’m some passé bore? (When I did get the guts to say hello, so many people had the same fears. Go figure.)

It’s easy to get anxious when your ideas aren’t just about having fun. How are you supposed to approach creativity when it’s your work?

These ten lessons have changed my perspective. I hope they help you too.

1. You never lose the fear.

Grace Bonney, with all her poise and hard-earned experience, shared how things have changed since she started blogging in 2004. (You can still see some of the first posts on Design*Sponge.) Her message was to embrace change and the fear that comes with it. If you don’t, you’ll burnout.

Yup, even Grace has to deal with self-doubt and making mistakes. And in her five steps to embrace change, she told us to acknowledge our fears first. The boogie man is a lot less scary after you peek under the bed. 

It’s an almost brutal truth, but it’s comforting too.

Grace’s talk will be free to watch online at Blogtacular soon, so I won’t spoil everything. Until then, get some inspiration from the Design*Sponge mission statement.

10 things I learnt about creativity at #Blogtacular 2015

The goody bag tote by Nikki McWilliams

Reviewed: Millie Marotta’s Home Sticker Book

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Reviewed: Millie Marotta's Home Sticker Book

When I was a kid I didn’t understand why covering a wall with stickers was a bad thing. Stickers had the magical ability to defy gravity, and I used them like graffiti to make my mark on the world. My parents were less than impressed.

Millie Marotta’s illustrations bring to mind childhood pastimes like chasing dragonflies and doodling on school papers. Millie’s attention to detail and intricate patterns in her work brings that naïveté into adulthood. In Millie Marotta’s Home Sticker Book, a selection of her designs are presented throughout 75 wall stickers.

Millie’s designs are beautiful, and as décor can be as sophisticated or as casual as you like.

Reviewed: Millie Marotta's Home Sticker Book

3 Finger Crochet Projects

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Finger crochet projects to get started

Got a bunch of yarn and no hook?

Finger crochet is as literal as it sounds. Instead of a hook, all you use to manipulate the yarn is your fingers. That means XXL projects can be extra quick and extra chunky. These three free patterns will help even beginner crocheters get started.

Happy stash-busting!

DIY Macrame Bottle Vases

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Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Disclosure: This DIY was made in collaboration with Space Station

Feeling knotty?

Macrame is such a quick way to wrap and hang pretty much anything you can think of. (Seriously. People have done it to shoes.) Plant hangers is just the start of it. For a quick and summer-loving DIY I’ve put together this tutorial to make macrame wrapped bottle vases.

It’s the perfect upcycled touch to a summer garden party. Hanging or not, you choose!

The hassle-free way to plan your next DIY (printable)

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Printable craft project planner |  #crafts #DIY #printable #freebie

Who has two dozen WIPs and more to come?

Yeah. Guilty as charged.

The only catch about exploring new ideas and trying new techniques is that sometimes (if there’s no hard deadline) it’s easy for a project to just go on forever. Which isn’t always a bad thing. Some ideas are like wine and need to mature for a while before they can be best put to use. Totally cool!

Problem is when you get back to a project and have no freaking idea what you were using to make it.

This free printable planner is here to fix that. Download, print, and enjoy:

Printable craft project planner |  #crafts #DIY #printable #freebie