Crochet Roundup: FREE heart patterns

I love how varied hearts can  be in crochet. Valentine’s Day is a month away, and whether you want to make something for the special day or just adore hearts, I’ve made a list of my favourite free crochet patterns so far!

Crochet roundup: Free heart patterns


1. What cute little appliqué hearts!

2. Another fantastic free design from DROPS.

3. An American folk-inspired crochet heart.

4. Who wouldn’t love this smiling little buddy?

5. This animated ‘pop heart’ can be found here.

6. We all love granny squares. Why not granny hearts?

7. A beautiful lacy bullion heart.

8. Super quick and adorable, these are little ‘adjustable hearts‘.

9. A scrumptious ‘Jammy Dodger biscuit‘.

10. BONUS: Don’t miss this fantastic flying hearts mobile! I love it!

Sound advice: When reading the patterns, check carefully to see if it’s written in US or UK terminology. :)

Which one’s your favourite?

Happy crocheting!


Disclaimer: Credit where credit is due: The photos of these wonderful free patterns belong to their respective owners, not myself. I’ve simply assembled them for eye-candy convenience.