DIY Tassel Light Pull

How to make a tasselled light pull with baker's twine  #DIY #home #decor |

Craft challenges can be a lot of fun. In my case, I was challenged to use these two little parrots.

To beat the January blues I thought a bright, whimsical project would be the perfect way to add a bit of HELLO to a dreary corner. Yellow baker’s twine was just the thing. It’s sturdy enough for a light pull and easy to work with, too.

And what could be happier than a little tassel? First, here’s how to make a tassel (any size or yarn):

How to Make a Tassel

How to make a tassel (any size, any thread!) | #DIY

1. Wrap your yarn around a stiff surface that is about twice the length you want your tassel to be.

2. After wrapping, gently remove the stiff base and tie the middle of the yarn securely.

3. Snip the loops of wrapped yarn open. Don’t worry about trimming it neatly just yet.

4. Think of Cousin Itt from the Addams Family and shape your tassel.

5. Wrap a piece of yarn a few times to create the ‘neck’. Trim the tassel body if necessary. Done!

Pulling it Together

Turning your tassel into a light pull is easy. There’s one key difference: DO NOT cut the thread after tying the yarn. This is what I mean:

DIY baker's twine tassel  |

I used a simple double knot and left a 4″ tail. It looks a bit like a moustache at this point!

How to add charms to a tassel |

Shape your tassel. If you want to add charms (like my little parrots), thread them onto the yarn for the neck. When wrapping, simply arrange charms as desired and wrap a few more times to hold in place. (Sorry for the blurry pic!!)

Secure the neck thread by sewing it through the tightest part of the neck and trim the excess.

DIY baker's twine tassel  |

That’s the tassel done! Now, get your crochet hook and push it under the top knot:

How to make a tasselled light pull with baker's twine  #DIY #home #decor |

Grab both the tail and the working twine and pull through. This is the first chain. Just keep looping both the tail and the working thread until the tail is too short.

How to make a tasselled light pull with baker's twine  #DIY #home #decor |

Here you can see the tail poking through! I trimmed that off at this point.

Crochet your chain to the desired length, and tie off the end. I left a long tail so it’ll be easy to secure to a light fixture. It’s always easier to trim excess later than realise you needed it!

How to make a tasselled light pull with baker's twine  #DIY #home #decor |

Enjoy! What corner of your home could do with a bit of whimsy?

If you love the look of this yellow baker’s twine as much as I do it’s for sale here from The Homemakery.

Lots of crafty love,

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