Don’t Finish Every WIP

Don't finish every WIP |

We’re moving house this spring. This means a couple of things:

  • One, I am saving every bit of spare bubble-wrap I can find.
  • And two, I can’t just keep ignoring my WIP pile.

I’m the type of person that finds it easier to purge her wardrobe than to get rid of crafty materials. And I don’t often admit a WIP isn’t so much a ‘work in progress’ as it is a ‘work to never be finished’.

The thing is, sometimes it’s good to give up on a project. There can be obvious reasons: the baby blanket intended for your nephew would be a bit small for him now that he’s almost three. (Oops.) Or the pattern you cut out for a cute dress is, uh, a bit too small now.

Maybe that’s just my experience.

Crafting isn’t supposed to be a chore. Our tastes change and, more importantly, our skills grow. There’s probably a good reason why that project has stayed in the WIP pile for so long. If it’s so exciting, why hasn’t it been finished? What could you make with the materials instead?

Even if you have to cut off some fabric or can’t salvage all the yarn, using it will be better than letting it sit there unloved for another season.

Finish the projects that excite you. 

That’s what I keep telling myself!

Lots of crafty love,


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