May in Photos

notebook may-happy-post worker-bee-box-May cookies

May was a busy month for me. There wasn’t as much time to photograph, write, craft or share.

But busy is good!

This month’s recurring simple pleasure was happy post. My business cards, prize pack from Kellee Rich, May’s worker bee kit, a couple Makeve kits to review, and a stream of new magazine subscriptions have all been pleasant distractions. It’s kept the postman busy at least!

Another theme has been the garden. Both my bank holiday weekends were spent in the sunshine when it lasted. It finally feels and looks like progress is being made. We’re all ready for some BBQs, now we just need to get the sunshine to cooperate!

Fused glass was a wonderful, tactile craft to learn about, too. I’ll tell you about June’s craft tomorrow; to give you a hint, it was popular in the 70’s. ;)

What did you work on in May?



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