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Stationery I can’t do without

  • 4 min read

Celebrate National Stationery Week #stationeryaddict

Happy World Stationery Day!

We’re halfway through National Stationery Week and to celebrate, I wanted to share the essential stationery bits & bobs I couldn’t do without on a daily basis. These are my babies. Honestly, they probably see more of me than my husband does.

(I’ll be honest. Writing this post was just as much about fondling my stationery stash as it was to share with you guys.)

100 Days to Bust My Stash

  • 2 min read

#100daysofCFstash #The100DayProject#100daysofCFstash #The100DayProject

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know about #The100DayProject challenge.

The challenge is pretty straightforward. For 100 days, you’re challenged to make something every day. (Until July 14th!) Check out the 100 Day Project’s website to learn more.

love creative challenges. In 2013, I learned a new craft every month for the entire year. Now I have 100 days to practise those techniques and bust my overflowing craft stash. (Yes, when I moved house I did bring my yarn and fabric scraps with me, thank you very much.)

Every day on Instagram I’ve been posting my daily stash-busting make. If you’re not on Instagram, I’ll be posting updates here on the blog once a month to round up.

Three days into this challenge I’m loving it. If you want an excuse to take 15 minutes just for you and work on something you love, join in #The100DayProject.

What could you make in 100 days?

#100daysofCFstash #The100DayProject

Follow me on Instagram @craftingfingers to see my updates!

Giveaway! Craft stash bumper pack (NOW OVER)

  • 3 min read

Giveaway | goodies for your craft stash

Update: The giveaway has ended! Thanks so much everyone for taking part!

Giveaway is open internationally.

Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day next week I wanted to give a little love to one lucky reader. An eclectic pack of crafty goods worth £40 is up for grabs.

I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive comments and crafty love I’ve been getting since I started blogging again in December. This is my way to say thanks; the giveaway has not been sponsored. All the prizes are from me to you!

More details on what you can win below!

Don’t Finish Every WIP

  • 2 min read

Don't finish every WIP |

We’re moving house this spring. This means a couple of things:

  • One, I am saving every bit of spare bubble-wrap I can find.
  • And two, I can’t just keep ignoring my WIP pile.

I’m the type of person that finds it easier to purge her wardrobe than to get rid of crafty materials. And I don’t often admit a WIP isn’t so much a ‘work in progress’ as it is a ‘work to never be finished’.

The thing is, sometimes it’s good to give up on a project.