Modern Shelf Makeover with Rust-Oleum

  • 5 min read

Rust Oleum Furniture Paint shelf makeover

In collaboration with Rust-Oleum

Our front room has had a rethink. I’d call it a makeover, but mostly it’s just been a lot of rearranging furniture.

I did need a new shelf. So when I was offered the chance to try some new shades of Rust-Oleum’s chalky finish Furniture Paint I just had to take up the offer. A bit of interior DIY was just what the room needed!

Here’s how I used Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint to make a scratched old shelf look modern again.

Rust Oleum Furniture Paint shelf makeover

DIY Woodland Notepad Cover

  • 6 min read

DIY felt notepad cover | sewing, needle felting

In collaboration with Fiskars

Organising stationery is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I use a lot of A6 notepads and notebooks. It’s the perfect size for a day’s to-do list or a project sketch. I even like lugging one around in my handbag, which isn’t very notepad friendly. A DIY cover was overdue. This felt sleeve was my solution to bring stationery on the go.

And, to be honest, it just looks nice on my desk too! This tutorial can be used to make a felt sleeve of any size. If you’re not as obsessed with notebooks as I am you can make a gadget cover.

15 Autumn Decor DIYs

  • 2 min read

15 autumn DIYs #interiors #homedecor #DIY

It’s the craftiest time of year.

Autumn is always over too quickly in my experience, so I love to make the most of it. Cold nights and warm days have turned the trees in our neighbourhood a fiery range of colours. There’s still time to enjoy the season indoors, too.

These 15 DIY projects mimic the earthy tones, harvest bounty, and cosy comfort of autumn.

DIY crochet pincushion

  • 6 min read

DIY crochet pincushion tutorial + pattern

Find-the-pin-with-your-toe isn’t a very fun game.

Trust me, I speak from experience. When I started crafting in earnest, I knew I needed a good way to store my pins. A little tomato with a flimsy thread loop wasn’t going to cut it. This pincushion was my first crochet design—not that I invented granny circles or anything. Instead of anything as ambitious as a blanket, my first crochet project became this pincushion. Circle, circle, insert, and done.

Ultimately less effort, and just as practical. Have no need for a pincushion? Fill it up with lavender for scent or rice to make a weight.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll recognise this project. Two-and-a-half years after writing the original pincushion tutorial, I thought it deserved an update. I would hope I’ve gotten a bit better at explaining crochet through experience.

There’s a free PDF version to keep on the go, too. Let’s get making!

DIY Constellation Coasters

  • 4 min read

DIY constellation coasters tutorial

When I was a kid I totally and 100% believed in astrology.

That might not be true now, but that love has been transferred to astronomy instead. I love watching the stars and hearing about the latest discoveries in space.

I’ll be honest; this project was supposed to get finished weeks ago. My three weeks away in Finland were so hectic I didn’t even get the chance to watch the Perseid shower, let alone make coasters in honour of it. C’est la vie.

Here’s a star-loving project for my fellow astronomy lovers. Fabric is courtesy of Zazzle.

DIY Sleeper Bench Makeover

  • 5 min read

Annie Sloan sleeper bench makeover

Worn or weathered garden furniture doesn’t have to rot in the garage.

Repainting furniture is the easiest way to update the look. If you aren’t familiar with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint obsession, prepare to be informed. Yet again chalk paint has worked its magic.

Here’s the 101: you don’t need to sand the entire surface, you don’t need primer, and it can be done in an afternoon. Seriously.

I love the solid, primitive look of sleeper benches. A brush stroke pattern was just the thing to make a simple shape a quirky part of the decor. If you want to use your bench outdoors, all you have to do is skip the waxing step.

This post was made in collaboration with MKM Building Supplies.