Because breaks are good


Things have been quiet on Crafting Fingers for a few weeks, but never fear!

I’m still learning and crafting on!

But breaks are good. Sometimes, when you’re pushing to maintain a regular output (like blog posts a couple times a week or more), it’s easy to forget to take the time to think about why you’re doing something.

I took a creative writing class (by Melanie of Inward Facing Girl, who is simply fantastic) and it gave me the courage to take the time to just think.

(Chasing butterflies in my garden is just for the thinking time, honest.)

There are so many things to do and too many things to read. I still want to share my crafts and projects, but I want to do more than that. I want to encourage others to learn and try new crafts, too, and help spread word of the amazing designers and business owners who have been encouraging me. I want to blog with purpose.

I already love blogging about my crafts because it gives an extra purpose to my crafting. It forces me to think of the easiest process of making something. It forces me to take the time to really finish something properly, because if it isn’t done to a high standard, everyone on the web can see it. Forever. (Eek!)

Instead of Crafting Fingers being just about me all the time, I’m going to share more about other people, and what they make. I’m going to make it about all our crafting fingers.

(Have a blog or handmade biz you want to share? Get in touch!)

Now, back to my needle felting:



P.S. If you find yourself in London this weekend, come say hello @ Southbank Centre! I’m at the craft bloggers’ stall Saturday and Sunday. :)