Busy Busy Crafter Bee

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Working in the kitchen

It’s been almost two weeks since I left for Finland. (What??)

Family has been keeping me busy. And I’ve even had some time for sewing!

Being busy has come with some consequences. (Other than the crickets chirping here. Oops.) Like a writer without a notebook, a crafter without time will get the best ideas. No, seriously. I have come up with a gift idea for everyone on my Christmas list, that sort of good ideas. (No last minute Pinterest idea hoarding for me!)

But those ideas will have to wait.

It’s an unfortunate truth: the best ideas seem to come when there’s no time to act on them.

Here’s a peek of a sewing project I’ve been working on:

Macrame tote bag

I love combining the skills I’ve learnt this year! Tutorial will be published soon. ;)

What have you been up to?

Lots of crafty love,


4 thoughts on “Busy Busy Crafter Bee”

  1. I hope you have enjoyed your family time this week. Love the tote and can’t wait to hear how you made it.

    This week I also made a list of what I am going to make everyone for Christmas. Whether I actually find time to knit all the hats/make all the jam remains to be seen!


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