Meet Emily from Miss Magpie Designs

Miss Magpie Designs feature for National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week is, as it says on their website, all about celebrating the written word.

(And stationery. Don’t forget that part.)

The motto this week is to Get Britain Writing, whether you’re using a 50p pencil or a £30,000 Tibaldi Fountain Pen to match your Bentley. But pens are pretty useless without paper. Even when the pen is made from solid gold.

Emily Summers from Miss Magpie Designs says she’s passionate to get people letter-writing again. And if you’re taking the time to pen a letter, why not do it in style with a writing set? 


Miss Magpie Designs launched in August 2012, and in less than a year Emily has gotten over 1500 likes on Facebook and is getting close to the 100 sales mark in her Etsy shop. A quick look at her designs and it’s obvious where the name Miss Magpie comes from. Birds from Great Tits to Barn Owls grace her greeting cards and other stationery goods, but she’s passionate about all wildlife and creates pet portraits, too. If you want a break from stationery (it is a bit overwhelming this week!) her embroidered brooches are sure to charm.

Emily’s good humour and passion for wildlife are all over her blog, too. To celebrate National Stationery Week she’s posted ‘5 reasons to write a letter‘, so if you need an extra excuse to buy a writing set there you have ’em! The Miss Magpie Designs Facebook page shows off Emily’s works in progress (I love snooping in artist’s sketchbooks) and the snapshots she gets of wildlife. Her celebration of Britain’s birds is really contagious!


Emily says she dreams of her illustrations being sold in a National Trust shop. After such a beautiful start in just eight months, I don’t think it’ll take long before we see Miss Magpie Designs on their shelves. What do you think?

I asked Emily, ‘What do you love about stationery?

I love the physicality. Being able to hold something beautifully designed but that also has a practical use is one hundred times better than any email with a fancy font!”

♦ ♦ ♦

Emily’s writing sets are a steal this week for only £6.50 each. Go grab two while you can, they’re disappearing quick!


Tomorrow is the last British designer feature for this week, then it’s time to get busy with stationery DIYs for the weekend. ;)

Have you treated yourself to new stationery yet?

Happy writing,