Sneak peeks of an old school

Skolbacka's hidden attic

Skolbacka used to be a school—hence the name “school hill”. Now my parents own it.

My parents bought the place this summer. I spent my holiday—a leisurely three weeks—exploring the building and spending time with family. The school has so much character and history hidden in its rooms. The hidden attic (above) is probably the most charming.

Here are a few peeks of my stay. 

Bikes at Skolbacka

Old bikes are cheap and easy to find at second hand shops in Finland. If someone told me Finns learned to bike before they learned to walk, I’d almost believe it. I remember biking 8km to school when I was twelve. (Not exactly common in the UK or US these days.) Winter doesn’t discourage cyclists in Finland, either. Cycle paths get salt and grit too!

Skolbacka abandoned classroom

The western side of the building catches the evening sun. Some furniture and books have been left behind. I wish I could have fit a few of these desks in my luggage. And those chairs!

Skolbacka 559A

An overgrown gravel path and rusted bike stands survive from Skolbacka’s school days.

Skolbacka kitchen glimpses

And my parents’ food business now has a permanent home in their own commercial kitchen. I’ve been spoiled by all the delicious jams!

Time away from the hamster wheel of daily life did me good. Three weeks away makes a problem look a heck of a lot smaller. And if you’ve been feeling burnt out too, here’s a few tips from Blogtacular on managing the daily grind.

Edward's Menagerie: Birds by Kerry Lord

If you’re looking for a creative break, you could join Kerry and the TOFT team to celebrate the new Edward’s Menagerie Birds book on August 28th. Free entry for all ages, with free workshops and a farm tour to boot.

How have you been spending your summer?

Lots of crafty love,